Professorial Endowments

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# Chair Holder Research Area Chair Duration actions
1 Prof. Sunday Isehunwa Flow Assurance studies of the offshore Niger Delta, Advance thermodynamic equilibrium models in flow assurance studies and Reservoir Fluid Characterization from the Niger Delta Field 5 View
2 Prof. Dulu Appah Quantification, Characterization, Storage and Utilization of natural gas for domestic use 5 View
3 Prof. Thomas Okpo Kimble Audu Development of sustainable technology for bio-energy from non-edible oil seeds 5 View
4 Prof. Ibrahim Goni Study of the effect of volcanic and intrusive on the generation and accumulation of hydrocarbons in the Nigeria flange of the Chad Basin 5 View
5 Prof. Mosto Onuoha Study of the Petroleum System Analysis of the Nigeria’s Inland Basins, Evaluation and Contributions of Source Rocks to Niger Delta Basin Petroleum and Reservoir Characterizations 5 View
6 Prof. Uriah Alexander Lar Acreage delineation and development of mineral potentials along Benue Trough 5 View
7 Prof. Umar Zaki Faruq Beneficiation of local cement for use in well heads, beneficiation of local bentonites as drilling muds and regeneration of waste oil for use as APG, Kerosene etc 5 View
8 Prof. Baba El-Yakub Potentials and Development of Zeolite Catalysts for Nigerian Oil and Gas industry from kankara clay 5 View