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# Fullname Research Topic Res. Duration (Years) actions
11 Prof Chukwu Godwin Evaluation and Control of Wax Deposition During Production of Crude Oil in an identified Niger – Delta Waxy Oilfield 2 View
12 Prof Ihueze Christopher C Engineering Design and Production of Oil & Gas Facilities Using Plastic Reinforced with Plantain Fibres 2 View
13 Dr Faruq Umar Z Geochemical Evaluation and Mapping of the Potential Source Rock in Sokoto Basin in Nigeria 2 View
14 Dr Atta Abdulaziz Yusuf Development of Zeolite Catalyst for Light Alkanes Aromatization 2 View
15 Prof Joel Ogbonna Modeling Well – Burst Stability by Chemical Method: Niger – Delta a Case Study 2 View
16 Prof Abu Gideon Orkwagh Biodiesel Production from the Algae Chlorella Vulgaris Using Locally Formulated Growth Media 2 View